Why choose Remote Database Administration Services (DBA-as-a-Service)

Your business relies on technology to operate and function.  The amount of data you gather and store is growing exponentially year over year.  The databases you leverage to manage critical data are paramount and you are dependent on them to be accessible and available 24*7.  This causes a strain on an organization’s internal database administrator(s).

This combined with the ability to keep up to speed with the ever-changing database technology landscape creates a need for specialized remote Database Administration Services.

The Benefits of Remote DBA-as-a-Service

  • Eliminate DBA recruiting costs and or unreliable/unknown DBA contractors
  • Ability to acquire monthly fractional hours or full time DBA support
  • Easily manage your budget with a predictable, fixed monthly cost
  • Eliminate skill gaps in current staff across new technology features and best practices 
  • Expand DBA support without increasing headcount
  • Refocus internal resources on more strategic initiatives and off-load day/day administrative activities
  • Get a team of specialized DBAs with depth and deep expertise to manage your systems
  • Receive 24*7 support for critical databases 
  • Provide weekly health checks and performance reviews and across critical databases
  • Leverage Best Practices to optimize database performance and architectures
  • Realize service level agreements (SLAs) for you DBA support
  • Reduce DBA staff turnover and eliminate burnout
  • Scale your DBA services as you require (new applications, projects, upgrades, cloud migrations, etc.)

In Addition to the headcount saving, you can also eliminate:

  • Costs associated with recruiting the right resource, and or training and certifications to get up to speed on the latest database technology, versions, and advanced feature sets.
  • Gaps in coverage due to PTO, holidays, and after hour support requirements.

Why Choose MiCORE Remote Database Management

Maximize Your Database Performance and Lower your Operating Costs

MiCORE DBA-As-A-Service is a flexible alternative to hiring full-time DBAs or Consultants.  It is an alternative that allows your business to purchase the right amount of DBA expertise you require – no more, no less.  Since MiCORE has economies of scale, it can price its services at a fraction of the traditional cost of an in-house DBA or outside consultant / DBA contractor.

About MiCORE Solutions

As a specialized database support and consulting organization, MiCORE works with many different companies across various industries. Through the vast experience we have gained working on a multitude of client engagements, this allows us to quickly engage with our clients, provide best practices to maximize database performance and stability.   MiCORE provides it’s clients the assurance their critical database systems are fully covered and they can focus on their business.

MiCORE provide database support services for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and majors open source databases MySQL, PostgresSQL, MariaDB, and AWS databases.  MiCORE provides database cloud architecture, migration, and management across AWS, Azure, and Oracle Cloud.

We can augment or provide full-time database support services across all your key platforms.

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