Top Five Reasons to Outsource Your DBA

Outsourcing database administration (DBA) services has become increasingly popular in recent years as firms have started to realize the innumerable benefits associated with outsourcing. Outsourcing has become a widely accepted method of managing entire IT service, and not DBA alone. There exist several firms that are capable of highly efficient DBA services as and when required, and your firm can accrue several benefits such as reduction in staff expenditure, access to a greater field of expertise, increase your firm’s productivity, redirect valuable resources to your firm’s field of expertise, and enhance information security along with numerous other factors.

Reduced staffing expenditure

DBAs are quite expensive to hire on a full-time basis, and most small businesses would require at least 2-3 DBAs. Firms that operate on a 24/7 basis will need to spend greater amounts on DBAs to ensure that customers have constant online access to analysis and data at all times. In addition, in-house DBAs are most likely to function at the same time that the rest of your staff functions, and it may be problematic to ask them to function 24/7, especially if your firm has no existing provisions for it.

Managed Service organizations achieve economies of scale developing defined procedures and best practices that allow them to effectively support multiple companies with a defined team of individuals. As a result, MiCORE Solutions can provide support in a more cost effective manner. By outsourcing DBA, you can significantly reduce the costs associated with staff maintenance and redirect your resources to other avenues of your business. You also do not need to provide additional capital for holidays, training, and other benefits.

Reap the benefits of additional expertise

As database administration technologies are constantly evolving, the need to hire DBAs that stay in-tune with all the latest developments in the field is great. It requires having an extensive skill set and the experience of working with businesses of all shapes and sizes. The proliferation of new technologies such as NoSQL databases demands that highly skilled DBAs be hired. The breadth of skills required make it nearly impossible for an internal dedicated team to acquire these skills if they are committed to one company.

By outsourcing DBA, you have the chance to work with DBAs that possess a much wider range of skills. In addition, for a DBA professional, it makes more professional sense to either work with a dedicated DBA company or simultaneously work with numerous other firms that have outsourced their requirements. The DBA can increase his or her knowledge base which will be invaluable for future employment.

Lower rates of attrition

As mentioned, DBAs tend to stagnate and are unable to learn new technologies at one place. Most DBAs will end up outgrowing the environment, and they need to move to dedicated firms to safeguard their future. As attrition levels increase, your firm will also be losing DBAs with valuable organizational knowledge.

This cycle will repeat on a regular basis, and you cannot keep on hiring young, freshman DBAs as they will have lesser experience on old database systems. Hence, it is a win-win for firms and DBAs to outsource DBA to an external dedicated professional or company. The firm can save costs and reduce attrition while the DBA can continue increasing his or her level of personal expertise. This will save your firm from recruitment headaches and allow you to reroute resources to other critical aspects of your firm that cannot be easily outsourced.

Enhance your firm’s productivity

As you allocate more resources to tasks that your firm is an expert in, your internal team will have more time and resources to focus on doing what they are good at. This will allow you to raise your productivity and drive forward business goals instead of engaging in an endless cycle of hiring and replacing DBAs.

This can directly lead to enhanced customer satisfaction as you can focus on improving your offerings, while leaving DBA and other IT aspects to dedicated professionals. Your internal team will not be side-tracked by time consuming support activities.

24/7 DBA support

By outsourcing to DBAs that are able to function on a 24/7 basis, you won’t have to worry about overburdening an internal DBA team. As an internal DBA may struggle to function efficiently off-hours or when the DBA is on vacation, you are eliminating issues falling through the cracks. As long as you receive a 24/7 guarantee from the firm or team that you outsource DBA to, it will always be more efficient than relying on an ever-changing internal DBA team.

24/7 DBA support can save you from potential disasters and unnecessary downtime. Building a good relationship with the firm that you outsource to is critical to reaping all the awards of 24/7 support.

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