Top Features & Benefits of Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5-2

The X5-2 database machine is the latest in the Oracle Exadata series – engineered for high performance, cost savings, and easy to deploy systems that include both hardware and software. Oracle Exadata X5-2 is sized and tuned for various Oracle workloads and consists of unique software (Exadata Storage Software) that make it the most powerful and efficient system for running Oracle databases.

Key Features to Consider

If you’re considering an upgrade, below are some of the top features that you should know about:

  • Smart Scan: The majority of the I/O processing is performed on storage nodes that return a smaller result set into PGA instead of SGA.
  • Hybrid Columnar Compression: Optimized compression that leads to cost savings by reducing the size of data warehousing tables.
  • Flash Cache: Tremendous amount of Flash Cache that intelligently caches database objects in flash memory; replacing slow, mechanical I/O operations to disk with very rapid flash memory operations thereby effectively improving database/SQL performance.
  • Redundancy for High Availability: Continued access to data, data loss prevention, and minimal business disruption to reduce risk and meet service level requirements.
  • Performance: Ability to perform over four million database 8K IOPS.

Hardware vs. Software Upgrade

There are two types of upgrades that can be implemented with Oracle Exadata X5-2:

  • Hardware Upgrade: An optional hardware upgrade improves the processing power of your database by adding more compute nodes, increases performance by adding memory to the existing compute nodes, or increases storage capacity by adding storage nodes. The result of any of these configuration changes benefits the overall customer experience.
  • Software Upgrade: Oracle releases Exadata patches almost quarterly and it is essential that customers keep up with these patches as every patch released addresses software bugs uncovered in the previous version(s). There could be times when these patches can have negative effect on customer application/database, so it is imperative that associated documentation is thoroughly read to understand the software bugs addressed by this patch and also note the new software bugs introduced by this same patch.

Making a Decision

The Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5-2 will work for any company that is spending unnecessary time and resources unsuccessfully trying to configure or adjust commodity servers and storage to find the right balance between OLTP, DW/BI applications.

In addition, X5-2 offers customers lower TCO with higher performance of database and SQL, and enables customers to consolidate small databases created for individual applications.

Interested in learning more? Watch this video and get to know our unique approach to Oracle Exadata implementation. 

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