Splunk Technology Services

Would real-time intelligence from real-time machine data help you better manage and secure your business?

Splunk provides detailed analysis of your log data so you can better manage and protect your business. You can quickly search on all data—structured, unstructured, and complex log data—and diagnose and report operations and security issues in a faster, more repeatable and affordable way.

We can help set up Splunk so that you can use your log data to unlock valuable insight. With this kind of operational intelligence, you can improve IT operations, protect your business, maintain regulatory compliance, and get detailed web analytics.

  • Operational Intelligence Quick Start

    This program will help identify your main sources of real-time machine data or the enterprise data at rest. We will work with you to create an architecture that will capture this identified real-time machine data, as well as static data. We’ll then work with you to develop apps and operational reports to query the captured data (2-3 weeks).

  • Operational Intelligence Enterprise Framework

    This program will develop a long-term solution to identify data patterns, provide metrics, diagnose problems, and provide actionable intelligence for business operations. We’ll incorporate multiple software and hardware tiers and machine data including  firewalls, routers, web server, authentication server, application servers, and database server. These combined tiers will provide the data needed to create valuable reports and the capability to streamline and speed up troubleshooting and resolution (3 months).