Oracle to Amazon Web Services Migration Services

Looking for a way to reduce costs, increase agility, and improve reliability and performance?

MiCORE can help you migrate your entire Oracle enterprise software stack to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to leverage the virtually unlimited compute power and storage of AWS. By running proven Oracle database and middleware software on a widely-adopted global cloud computing platform, you can reduce capital expenses, lower operating costs, achieve improved business agility, and enjoy the reliability and performance you expect.

MiCORE can also help you manage time-consuming database administration tasks—including provisioning, backups, software patching, monitoring, and hardware scaling—freeing you to focus on business-critical initiatives.

  • Plan – MiCORE’s Jump Start program follows a structured process that begins with mapping your needs to the appropriate AWS configuration. This critical step helps ensure compliance with the Oracle licensing model and provides the most efficient, cost-effective AWS configuration.
  • Implement – Next, MiCORE will conduct a proof-of-concept to ensure your AWS environment works properly and then validate the environment by running a set of performance tests, building confidence in the AWS design and mitigating risk.
  • Migrate – After validating and fine-tuning the POC environment, MiCORE will build out the production environment, migrate your entire Oracle environment to Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS, and perform some final testing to verify everything is ready to go.
  • AWS Monitoring – As a premium add-on service and AWS solutions provider, MiCORE will implement and configure a solution to comprehensively monitor your AWS environment, providing immediate visibility into availability, performance, utilization, and throughput of your AWS/Oracle implementation.