Managed Service Provider and Database Administration

Do you have the time needed to really innovate and add business value? What’s lost if you don’t?

Having the time to focus on longer-term, strategic business initiatives often eludes IT professionals. Yet successful businesses often turn to managed services professionals to get the job done. Trust MiCORE to help you manage your day-to-day IT needs, so you can have the time you need to innovate. We can help:

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MiCORE Solutions Remote Managed Services is an all in one database infrastructure support team, providing customers with 24*7 monitoring and issue resolution as well as a range of support services from maintenance tasks to holistic reviews and planning services.

Operating System

MiCORE manages your OS environment—whether it’s Oracle Linux, Microsoft Windows, Red Hat, or any other OS

Engineered Systems

We offer a team of certified Exadata engineers who can seamlessly support your team by filling resource or skill gaps.

Middleware Systems

MiCORE can monitor the health of your WebLogic environment to ensure maximum application availability and performance.


MiCORE has extensive experiencing implementing maxium availability solutions on cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services. We help your orgainzation transition to the cloud and then manage the environment for you.


  • Database Management

    Evaluate your environment, implement best practices, and deploy new technologies to improve overall performance and stability and help you get to market faster. Learn More »

  • Operating System

    Manage your operating system environment for continued high availability and reliability. Learn More »

  • Engineered Systems

    Simplify your environment and reduce purchasing, deployment, and support costs with a pre-assembled, pre-engineered infrastructure solution. Learn More »

  • Middle Tier

    Seamlessly connect middle-tier application logic and back-end database assets for improved IT efficiency. Learn More »

  • Cloud – Platform as a Service

    Keep applications running smoothly and eliminate upfront costs with a centralized cloud platform. Learn More »