Architecture and Database Management Services

Does your business require the cool solution, the one that everyone wants…or the solution that’s right for your business?

Working closely with you, MiCORE brings a wealth of experience into your environment to help architect your static plan into an action plan. We’ll perform a comprehensive analysis to find gaps and inefficiencies that may be negatively impacting costs, dragging down service levels, or diminishing the value of your data. Next, we’ll research appropriate technologies and bring the right ones together to design a solution with you, for you—and the right solution for your business. We can help:

  • Maximum Availability Architecture

    Ensure no perceived downtime by users by deploying high availability technologies. Learn More »

  • Engineered Systems

    Cut costs and complexity with a pre-validated, pre-engineered infrastructure solution. Learn More »

  • Middleware Systems

    Develop a modern hardware and software architecture for maximum IT efficiency. Learn More »

  • Database Systems

    Implement best practices and new technologies to improve overall database performance and stability. Learn More »

  • Data Warehouse and Big Data Solutions

    Develop a big data and data warehouse solution that maximizes the business value of your data. Learn More »