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Top-notch Database And Cloud
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Database And Cloud Management Services With 24*7*365 Monitoring

What is a Remote (Virtual/ Contractual) DBA Service?

Outsourcing Database Administration (DBA) services is a smart business decision to reduce IT expenses, and enhance system performance. 

Flexible support of highly experienced remote DBAs handles all your growing database needs and help you to maximize database performance and lower your operating costs

Database and cloud management services
to scale your business

Database and cloud are the driving force of modern business. Addressing this complex database and cloud need is crucial for all businesses which are looking for scaling up and optimum data security. A single platform is not enough to address these issues and depending on multiple vendors for cloud and database managed services is a costly affair.  

MiCORE Solutions support you with integrated services for both database and cloud. We consult, implement, and manage databases as per your business requirements. Our database management and consulting services monitor your database remotely 24*7. Besides, our database migration services are known for minimum downtime.    

We also provide smooth cloud migration and management services to scale up your business by increasing the ROI.

Benefits of Remote DBA-as-a-Service

  • Scale your DBA services as per your needs
  • Expand DBA support without increasing headcount
  • Acquire monthly fractional hours/full time DBA support
  • Flexible DBA Engagements such as:
    • Project-based, upgrades, cloud migrations, etc.
  • Leverage best practices to optimize database performance and architectures
  • Realize service level agreements (SLAs) for you DBA support
  • Temporary and long-term consulting
  • Eliminate DBA recruiting costs
  • Easily manage your budget with a predictable, fixed monthly cost
  • Onshore or Offshore assistance
  • Skill set gap support
  • Refocus internal resources on more strategic initiatives
  • 24*7 support for critical databases
  • Weekly health checks and performance reviews across critical databases
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Reduction in Operational Cost
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Reduction in Unplanned Downtime
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Improvement in Database Performance


MiCORE DBA-As-A-Service is a flexible alternative to hiring full-time DBAs or Consultants. It allows your business to purchase the right amount of DBA expertise you require – no more, no less.  Since MiCORE has economies of scale, it can price its services at a fraction of the traditional cost of an in-house DBA or outside consultant / DBA contractor.

Flexible Remote DBA Engagements (Project-Based, Temporary Consulting, Long-Term Partnership)

Onboard MiCORE and get the flexible support of a highly experienced DBA as per requirement for specific database, infrastructure, application, or other IT end-to-end project

MiCORE’s Virtual-DBA managed service provides around-the-clock, multi-platform remote DBA support with 24X7 proactive monitoring. Our service is designed specifically to meet the Oracle, AWS, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB and PostgreSQL database administration, maintenance, monitoring, management, development, support and consulting needs of our clients.

MiCORE helps you determine the best administrative strategies, hedge risks and exposure to disruptive downtime and make sure your databases operate at peak efficiency, regardless of the user load.

We can augment or provide full-time database support services across all your key platforms.

Case Studies

Managed Service Solution Brings Patching Automation to a Software Company
This is a software, data, and insights company empowering federal agencies, program offices, and government contractors throughout their contracting and financial assistance processes.
Remote DBA Support for Erickson Living
Erickson Living decided to hire a Managed Services Provider to manage their Oracle environment. MiCORE had previously conducted a successful Oracle Health Check for Erickson Living

Migrated a Legacy Oracle On-Prem Platform to AWS Cloud for a Government Agency
The government agency offering healthcare services to the people with medicine, foster care, and public health services.


Our Partners

We leverage new-age IT optimization methods to provide trusted data management services. Our services support leading technologies including


Our Services

Proactive DB Health Check and reporting of findings, gaps, recommendations and actions performed

Database status monitoring

Database designing & normalization of tables

Collect performance and resource metrics

Automated performance decisions of collected metrics

Notification of system alerts due to performance, Availability and Resources

Scan system log files

Verify Backups

Professional DBA support

24×7 DBA monitoring

Daily and Weekly report generation

Onsite Installation and Technical DB support

Databases Supported



Microsoft SQL Server




MiCORE is a Saviour!

Emilia Clarke
Steven Pessel, CIO
New York Shipping Association, Inc.
"MiCORE Solutions delivers! We were so pleased with their service, support, and knowledge that we asked them to manage our databases and infrastructure as well."
Emilia Clarke
Zeki Mokhtarzada, Co-Founder and CTO
"MiCORE Solutions delivers! We were so pleased with their service, support, and knowledge that we asked them to manage our databases and infrastructure as well."
Emilia Clarke
Chief Technical Officer
"I would recommend MiCORE to other companies with similar business challenges, and I have already had preliminary conversations with MiCORE about future data migration projects. The best part about working with MiCORE is their responsiveness. Whenever we have a need, they’ve responded quickly. MiCORE always has a team on standby ready to support us."
Emilia Clarke
Bryan Caporlette, Chief Technology Officer
G&G Outfitters, Inc.
"MiCORE brought us a robust combination of resources, report development and database operational skills that enabled my team to rapidly gain control of two mission-critical applications that had historically poor performance. Their responsiveness to our needs and proactive service have enabled us to drastically turn around performance of both applications. MiCORE’s greatest value is my trust in their team to ensure our databases are up and our mission-critical applications maintain availability for the end users. I would definitely recommend MiCORE."

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