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Leveraging Oracle Cloud to gain Oracle Support Rewards – Explained

On June 22, 2021 Oracle launched a new program called Oracle Support Rewards aimed at assisting clients in accelerating cloud transitions while lowering their overall software licensing support costs. Essentially, the new program is designed to help Oracle customers migrate to the cloud more quickly and affordably. Customers who purchase Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services can now earn $.25 – $.33 in support reward for every $1 of OCI spend.  This accumulated support credit can be used to reduce or eliminate Oracle on-premises technology licensing support bills. 

Oracle Support Rewards enables customers to migrate workloads to the cloud in a simple and cost-effective manner. The program’s goal is to empower more customers to leverage the Gen 2 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “Oracle Support Rewards gives customers an easy way to simultaneously reduce their software support spend as they increase the speed of their cloud adoption,” stated by Larry Ellison, Oracle Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer. 

The program is available to all Oracle customers; with their sign up or renewal to a Universal Credits order to begin collecting rewards that will be tracked in their OCI console. Then, customers earn Support Rewards as they use OCI services, which they can use to pay any open invoice for on-premises support of Oracle Technology Programs (database, middleware, etc). It is also important to note that there is no capacity limit on the amount of Oracle Support Rewards that a customer can earn and that any workload on OCI can accrue rewards.

Selecting the right Oracle Cloud Partner

Choosing the right partner with the experience to help you navigate cloud decision points and others is invaluable.  A partner that can not only understand your requirements but can assess the financial and technical impacts and provide a roadmap for your organization to successfully execute against is key.  Certified Oracle cloud partners, such as MiCORE Solutions, have the day-to-day experience and working knowledge to assist you down the right cloud path.

How MiCORE Solutions can help you

With Cloud Platforms gaining traction in the market at a rapid pace, MiCORE leverages its core competency around Oracle databases and cloud expertise to help clients make seamless Oracle workload transitions to Cloud Platforms. 

MiCORE, a certified Oracle Cloud Solution Provider, to help you Understand, Architect, Migrate, and Manage your Oracle workload in the RIGHT cloud platform.   We help our clients maximize their investments in Oracle technology.

MiCORE Service Offerings:

  • Cloud Architecture and Planning
  •  Cloud Migration and Implementation Services
  • Oracle Managed Cloud Services
  • Oracle License Management

Go to our webpage to learn more about our services. 

Oracle Cloud Oci

Below are links to the additional important information such as FAQs, pricing and the programs.  

Support Rewards Program Information click here

Oracle Support Rewards FAQs


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