Job Title: Data Operations Center (DOC) Analyst

Department: Service and Support- Oracle, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, etc.

Reports to: Practice Leader

Status: Salaried Exempt

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Prepared Date: 10/18/22

MiCORE Solutions is a leading provider of Remote Database Management and Consulting Services, specializing in Oracle and Microsoft technologies. Our remote, database team provides 24/7/365 monitoring and issue resolutions as well as a range of support services. From maintenance support and everyday database tasks to cloud architecture and migration services.


MiCORE’s The DOC (Data Operations Center) Analyst is a MiCORE “first responder”, typically the initial contact with clients initiating work with MiCORE. While a first level position, the DOC Analyst requires general technical experience and most importantly with a positive, enthusiastic persona, with a strong desire for self-development and client service. The majority of MiCORE data engineers and architects started as DOC Analysts. We as an organization are committed to a culture of “promote from within”.

As a DOC Analyst, your primary responsibility will be servicing our managed service clients providing technical support for database platforms such as Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and other data platforms and environments. This will involve direct and personal assessment and resolution of incidents and requests, collaboration with senior staff such as data engineers and architects to resolve complex issues, along with the expectation of recommendations for innovation and improvements both internally and externally. Experienced DOC Analysts will have the opportunity to participate in project activities both on and off-site.


All MiCORE technical staff are expected to display expertise and commitment in three distinct areas.

  • Technology
  •  Leadership
  • Communications

As a DOC Analyst your top priority is technical expertise, followed closely by clear and concise communication both to clients and internally, along with individual initiative and leadership during client interaction.  As your experience and skills advance you will also provide tactical innovation and will have opportunity for formal and informal training of others.  
MiCORE is a highly technical organization but ultimately provide services to clients. Attention to detail and strong communication skills are critical characteristics for all MiCORE staff.

  • Technical Execution – As an individual DOC Analyst you will provide both reactive and proactive support to MiCORE clients. All work is recorded in the MiCORE Service Platform (ticketing system) based on general guidelines and specific templates. MiCORE analysts and engineers are expected to provide complete, concise, and appropriate written documentation as part of quality work completion.
  1. Solid Judgement – MiCORE engineers work independently and/or collaborate as part of formal or ad hoc and virtual teams.  Regardless the mode of work, you are expected to skillfully complete tasks reasonably within your experience level, escalate issues which are beyond your immediate experience, assist others where your experience will benefit.
  2. Incident resolution – Assess, define, and demonstrate resolution of client incidents based on priorities and SLA commitments.
  3. Request completion – Assess, define, and demonstrate completion of client requests based on priorities and SLA commitments. Requests typically require less than four hours of total effort to complete.
  4. Problem analysis – Identify recurring patterns of incidents and participate in root cause analysis as appropriate.
  5. Project execution – Participate as part of project team to complete deliverables assigned by a project lead.
  6. Project leadership – Provide task level leadership within a project, such as assisting with definition, completion, and client communication.
  7. Escalation handling – Provide guidance and collaborate with other MiCORE engineers in cases where your specific experience is applicable.

  • Communication and Characteristics – MiCORE is first and foremost a service organization.  Communication with our clients and within our data management teams is as important to our business success, as technical expertise. MiCORE Analysts follow a set of standards, one of which is “defined done, demonstrate done”. Clear communication, habitually confirming understanding, and rigorously avoiding assumptions are critical characteristics of all MiCORE staff.
  1. Personal characteristics – MiCORE Analysts are highly collaborative, eager to learn, and take ownership of individual tasks assigned, and take direction from more experienced engineers when appropriate.
  2. Confidentiality – You will have access to, and work with a variety of clients data, maintaining confidentiality, communicating discreetly and appropriately, and complying with appropriate and applicable standards (MiCORE will provide both initial and ongoing training regarding applicable compliance standards)
  3. Clients – Know who you are communicating with, keep it simple, avoid technical jargon, use terms the client understands.  Project and maintain a positive, confident, empathetic attitude.  Confirm understanding of the incident, request, or issue from the client perspective.  Organize your thoughts before you speak, listen to learn (not to respond).
  4. Internal to MiCORE – Relaxed, constructive, collaborative, specific, respectful. MiCORE is a “learning organization”, open and active dialogue is critical to our success, especially when working remotely.  Do not be timid, but respect colleagues time. Habitually utilize the calendar system and be specific when asking for help.
  5. Client escalations – Identify when you need to escalate an issue, this requires a balance between escalating too soon, and trying complete work beyond your level of experience. Clearly communicate the actions you have taken, hypothesis you have formed, and the client situation. Confidently communicate to client, emphasizing that MiCORE is a team, not one individual.  Communicate confidence and calm especially when a client has demonstrated stress or irritation.
  6. Written communication – Email and tickets should be complete, concise, and clearly stated. Avoid generalities and technical jargon, be specific, state clearly what you have done, what you need from others, etc.  Use written communication to communicate specific and complicated topics, opt for a conversation when topics could be perceived as personal or misinterpreted.
  7. Technical Documentation – Analysts assist with technical documentation, typically at the direction of a MiCORE data engineer or architect.

  8. Oral communication – Organize your thoughts before you speak. Know what you want to communicate, or the question you want to ask. Know your audience. Do not assume others know what you know, provide context and respect others time.

  9. Relationship with management – Share your observations and ideas, the best innovations come from first line technical staff. When asking for help or guidance, try to be as specific as possible. More experienced engineers and leadership will provide you the most value when you can define what you need.
  10. Relationship with peers and less experienced staff – Readily offer assistance to less experienced engineers, communicate your openness to questions and willingness to help. Less experienced staff may hesitate to ask for help.

The preceding duties and responsibilities have been provided as examples of the types of work performed by employees assigned to this job classification. Management reserves the right to add, modify, change or rescind work assignments and to make reasonable accommodations as needed.


Technical Qualifications

Core Technical Experience (Ideal candidate has 80% + of these skills)

  • Basic proficiency in one or more data platform – MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc.
  •  Strong MS Windows skills, “super-user” minimally
  •  Linux / UNIX familiarity, basic commands and structure 
  •  Network based data share drives, TCP/IP & DNS familiarity
  •  Analytical skills
  1. Trouble isolation, root cause determination
  2.  Incident resolution experience – general IT and database
  3.  Independent initiative as appropriate, situational awareness
  •  Work characteristics and communication
  1. Prioritize and manage multiple personal work streams
  2. Maintain confidentiality, client sensitive and MiCORE proprietary information 
  3.  Strong client satisfaction orientation
  4.  Eagerness to learn technology and expand skills
  5.  Effective written and verbal communication skills

Desired Experience (Ideal candidate has 35%+ of these skills)

  •  ITSM (ticketing system) and ITIL familiarity
  •  Root cause determination and remediation (ITIL problem management)
  •  Strong oral and/or written communication experience
  •  Intermediate connectivity troubleshooting, physical and logical

Beneficial Experience (Highly experienced candidates, one or more of these skills)Experience (Ideal candidate has 35%+ of these skills)

  •  DBMS and IT management and alerting tools
  1. Oracle OEM
  2.  TOAD
  3.  SSMS
  • Public cloud familiarity such as AWS, Azure, Google cloud services
Education & Certifications
  • BS/AS in a technical discipline or equivalent military, technical school, work experience
  •  Database technology or product specific certifications
  •  Non-certification data platform specific training, vendor specific, self-directed, etc.


  • A dynamic environment supporting personal opportunity and growth
  •  Excellent Company Culture
  •  Best in class tools and resources
  •  Earned PTO
  •  Excellent Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits
  •  Competitive compensation package

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