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Today every organization is looking to reduce costs and increase agility while improving reliability and performance. To optimize cost, scale the infrastructure (Application or Database), and availability, most customers (enterprise or SME) are looking for migrating to one or other Cloud. All the cloud providers (AWS, Oracle, Azure) have the broadest selection of purpose-built services for all your application & database needs. 

A lot of organizations are today assessing their cloud readiness with the help of MiCORE advisors and consultants. 

The decision to move mission-critical applications and workloads to the cloud is no longer a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when.’  The process of selecting and implementing a successful cloud solution can be tricky. Cloud deployments have far-reaching results that often impact the entire organization.

Let MiCORE help develop your cloud strategy, ensuring an on-time and on-budget migration to your business’s optimal cloud solution.

MiCORE Cloud Partners

MiCORE offers multi-Cloud end-to-end services like cloud consulting, migration, deployment, and managed cloud services. 

As a cloud expert, we can help you make your IT assets and business-critical applications equipped for the cloud. We have partnered with major cloud infrastructure and service providers to help our customers with the right cloud selection and management.

The MiCORE Cloud Readiness and Migration Assessment and Planning

Cybersecurity Cloud Over Mobile Device

Business and technical goals for cloud-based Apps

Start with a thorough understanding of all requirements from business goals, technical requirements,and processesto develop the cloud blueprint.

Assess Applications and infrastructure

Assess all the candidate applications and infrastructure based on security, networking needs, performance, configuration, end-user access, etc.

Assessing Cyber Security Risks and Infrastructure
a cloud network over the globe

Deliver a plan and roadmap

With strategy and planning in place, delivering a detailed cloud architecture blueprint around solution, scalability & performance, value, and ROI.

MiCORE Value Proposition

Deep Application, Database, and Cloud Infrastructure Expertise with certified professionals
MiCORE Cloud Migration Process (CMP) based Strategy, Planning, and Design services
Multi-Cloud Expertise with end-to-end services to support migration, deployment, and managed cloud services
24/7/365 coverage for all your cloud needs
Client-focused with flexible delivery and contract options


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