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Leveraging Oracle Cloud to gain Oracle Support Rewards – Explained

On June 22, 2021 Oracle launched a new program called Oracle Support Rewards aimed at assisting clients in accelerating cloud transitions while lowering their overall software licensing support costs. Essentially, the new program is designed to help Oracle customers migrate to the cloud more quickly and affordably. Customers who purchase Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services […]

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Top 7 Database Improvements Seen When Transitioning Onboarding New DBA Managed Service Clients

Top 7 Database Improvements Seen When Onboarding New DBA Managed Service Clients

Modern enterprises are evolving and come with unique requirements to ensure data continuity and compliance. Not surprisingly, managed database services are growing rapidly, and managed database service providers are saving the day. From managing infrastructure and data to ensuring cybersecurity, they help you not just ‘keep the lights on but also partner with you on […]

Top 7 Database Improvements Seen When Transitioning Onboarding New DBA Managed Service Clients

Top Challenges When Managing SQL Server Databases

Data and databases have been extremely critical for enterprise success. There are all kinds of databases available today each with its own set of distinct advantages and features. With databases, the number of database management systems continues to grow too. The growing use of social media and eCommerce have escalated the demand for competent database […]


Optimizing PostgreSQL Databases

For many years now, PostgreSQL has been the favorite of database aficionados for all the right reasons. It continues to surge in popularity by occupying a coveted place in very large deployments for its extraordinary features and stability. It was touted as the Database Management System (DBMS) of 2020 as enterprises around the world continued […]